Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Second post

First post was many months ago now. Last year in fact.

Plans are afoot to produce some more stuff to put up here and hopefully share some of the things that me and others get up to. In the meantime, and as a kind of practice run to test adding photos and video, here is a list of things that have been turning me on and amusing me so far this year......

Brian McDermott

Reading football clubs newish manager. Scored a few goals for Arsenal in his time and enjoyed a middling career round the world and eventually settled in Reading to become reserve team coach and head scout for the club for the last decade or so. Hurried in as caretaker after the sudden departure of the disasterous Brendan Whatsihisname, the team have miraculously dragged themselves out of certain relegation and shown enough spirit to beat giants Liverpool away in the FA cup quarters. His interview before the ill-fated quarter against Villa just showed how inexperienced he is with all the press attention. He did a hilarious interview in his 'Trophy room' at what looked like some undecorated bedsit in Reading. He spent half the interview talking about his new puppy and the rest pointing at cardboard boxes and random home gym equipment. I have warmed to him and hope he carries on with whatever he does to produce such team spirit. From some angles he is Stuart my brother.!

The Trends

My dad and his various friends and old bandmates reformed one of their old bands THE TRENDS, strapline; "Rockin' again after 40 years". Over the last few years they have played over a hundred shows and raised over £50,000 for charity. Good work old fellas.!

Big boys toys

We like operating heavy machinery down at the Wharf. Even though it takes up a lot of our time, effort, blood,sweat and tears trying to keep them going and maintained. Actually it's mostly the assistant Lighthouse Keeper that does all that. The video below shows our daddy forklift, a hyster 275,000 a 9 ton forklift and our 20 ton yard crane. We also operate a 3 ton (Mummy) counterbalance truck and a 12m MEWP.

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