Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Arts Disco

The Wharf plays host to a prestigious portrait competition. Thousands of paintings delivered from all over the world. A fascinating collection to see processed and judged. A cheerful reminder of how many amazing artists there are out in the wide world trying to make it a more beautiful place. Above is part of the 'no' pile.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tenant of the day

Thanks to a gift of his most recent release on CD!...
 Dilip makes it as Tenant of the day
 He has a fantastic studio crammed into a small 6 metre container. 
These 'music boxes' suit a modern digital studio just fine. 
Dilip does things a bit more traditionally. I Like

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Divine intervention?

A query from the Thames Water billing department generated another visit from the Customer Side Leak Detection Team. I had already realised we had another major leak in the ancient 4" hydrant ring that supplies all the water around the wharf weeks ago and had visits from the same team in the previous week. Jules was not your run of the mill TW flunkie. He had the calm, assured and friendly disposition that you would like in any workman. I showed him round and pointed out all the likely locations I had chalked. He agreed and used a long steel rod with an earpiece on one end to listen to various valves. pipes and drain covers. We both agreed the most likely area to start digging ANOTHER! hole in the ground. 
I asked Jules if he had any fancy equipment that could help us detect the layout of the underground pipes. He  went back to his van and came back with a pair of long L-shaped bits of old coat hanger.
Jules confidently scanned the area with his makeshift divining rods. The rods duly waved about in a very positive and consistent way. I was sure he wasn't twiddling like you might suspect a ouija board operator might. He chalked out the pipe run, bends and even the exact location of the leak. Subsequent digging proved him 100% accurate. He gave me a long handshake when he was done and said 'you look a little de-hydrated yourself '. He was right about that too. Big hangover this morning :)

You can't stop here...

Just when you think we cant fit any more cars, boats, planes, sculptures and piles of other junk on the wharf, this arrives to stay for a few months to dry out and receive some TLC. It's very handsome and makes me want to hit the road.